A Bird's Life

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Wednesday December 06

10:00 AM  –  12:00 PM

Sleeping while flying through the night sky? There are birds that can do that.  Flying continuously for weeks without landing? There are birds that can do that.  Echolocating through a dark cave just like a bat? Yes, there are birds that can do that too!  In this class, we will learn the basics of bird life, like nest building, finding mates, and acquiring food, but we will also learn extraordinary, little-known secrets of bird life.  Why is an owl egg round while a cliff-dwelling bird’s egg is pear-shaped?  Why don’t birds have teeth?  What makes water roll off a duck’s back?  All these questions and more will be discussed and answered in this eye-opening and fun class about one of the most successful animal groups on the planet … birds!

For more information or questions, contact Missy Chernick at melissa.chernick@naturalsciences.org or 919.707.8860.